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RV water pumps are notoriously noisy and inefficient at anything less than full water flow. Their pulsations and stuttering waste water, produce annoying vibration and noise, and cause unnecessary wear on the pump. Finally, there's a solution! Our IRVWPC electronic pump controller is compact, easy to install device that modulates the pump speed to smoothly, quietly and automatically deliver just the amount of water needed. The result: a quieter RV, a longer lasting pump, and less water use that can extend your boondocking time.

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Does the IRVWPC consume a lot of power?

In most cases, your net power draw will actually be less! This controller draws no power when the pump switch is off. When the pump switch is ON, it draws only a tiny amount of power, about 19 milliamperes. (That is only 1/50th the current draw of one LED light bulb.) When the pump is running at anything less than full flow, you'll actually be saving power because of the reduced pump speed and less start up current from the pump pulsations that have been eliminated.

I’m in the process of pumping RV antifreeze solution for Winterizing and the pump suddenly stops?

This most likely was the DRY RUN PROTECT feature and it stopped the pump due to a pressure loss for more than 60 seconds. Simply, turn the pump switch OFF, and then back ON. This will RESET the lock-out feature and the pump will restart. This cycle may occur a
few times during Winterizing but will not damage anything. It is a safety feature.

Pump appears to cycle quickly as it did before the Controller installation on low water flows?

Verify no FAULT LED, ½ second blink rate of the RUN LED, the fast flicker of the PRESS LED, and no MAX LED. It is possible that the pump pressure switch has been previously adjusted in an attempt to smooth the pump. It is important that this pressure setting be
restored close to the factory setting (~45 PSI). Please refer to the pump manual for adjustment of this pressure setting.

I’ve filled my Potable water holding tank and the pump stops while trying to prime the system with water?

This most likely was the DRY RUN PROTECT feature and it stopped the pump due to a pressure loss for more than 60 seconds. Most systems should prime within 30 seconds. Reset the power by turning the Pump switch OFF, then back ON. The Pump will restart.
If the system will still not prime and this protection feature keeps turning the Pump OFF, it is likely that some other problem in the system is preventing the prime. Refer to your vehicles manual for possible solutions. Immediately after resetting the power observe the FAULT LED, if the pressure sensor is connected and this LED is ON, there could be a sensor fault / failure.


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