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The Intelligent RV
Water Pump
Controller - Buy Now

We're so happy you're here! You are now one step closer to finally getting rid of the banging, grinding and irritating noise produced by your RV's water pump! Thousands have already made the switch, will you?

IRVWPC + Installation Package (12VDC)
Please contact us if you are unsure of the type of pump that you have.


*$229 in Canadian Dollars is approximately $169 in United States Dollars*

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Dave Garth

We’ve been avid RVers for decades and love to boondock. We’d always been annoyed by the noisy vibrations from the water pump especially when the faucet wasn’t on all the way. I tried various mitigations, including accumulator tanks and foam insulation. Nothing worked until I discovered the IRVWPC. 

This device electronically controls the pump speed, automatically matching it to the desired flow. This has two major benefits: First, it makes the pump so much quieter. Second, it saves water because it allows for lower flow when desired. That’s important when boondocking.

The installation is easy. And if you do run into trouble, the customer service team is right there to help you. Highly recommended!


Barb & Mike

My wife and I love to boon dock with our RV. There are so many enjoyments and some annoyances. One of the annoyances was the loud water pump constant hammering on and off during use. The hammering of the device was disturbing and the slower you ran the faucet, the worst it was. Having it located in the wet bay just below the bath made it presence known each and every use. All that changed when we installed this water pump device. The hammering totally vanished and the water flow became a constant stream no matter how open the faucet was. This device is a game changer. Besides the reduction or elimination of the hammering, the device can do other neat things but I'll let you read the manual to learn those. It's an easy install and anyone with just a little "do it yourself" know how can manage it in about 20 to 30 mins. I think this device should be standard on all RV's. I highly recommend this device. I can truly say it is one of our best upgrades to date.


Danny Bevills

An awesome and reliable piece of equipment. Skeptics should go check out the web site. With the steady flow comes a steady water temperature out of my demand water heater. No more hot/cold showers while the pump cycles from 20 psi to 55 psi, then back to 20, repeating every couple of seconds. It also has programmed in leak detection. I’ve had one installed in my 2020 Pleasureway XLTS for almost 3 years and it still performs flawlessly. If it were to ever crash, I would buy another one the next day. Before I bought the controller, I tried an accumulator. What a joke. All it did was spread the pump cycles from 2 seconds to 6 seconds. It’s now in a drawer in my shed. It will also save a bit of valuable battery power and water, especially when trying to stretch water usage while boondocking. It’s a simple case of paying for what you get, and not a piece of made in China inferior product.

Shipped to you, Fast.

Due to recent delays using USPS and US Customs clearing USPS packages we are now only shipping to the USA using either FedEx Ground or FedEx International Economy. You can make this selection at checkout.


Canada Post Expedited Parcel is used for orders within Canada.


We recently have added shipping to the UK.


Please contact us and we can provide a quote for other countries or other services if you have special requirements.

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