The Intelligent RV

Water Pump


We now offer a solution that resolves the various issues relating to an RV's water pump. Gone are the days of the typical low volume water pump pulsing operation, if you’ve ever been in an RV, you’ve been subject to the severe levels of noise pollution associated with typical operation. The IRVWPC reduces mechanical stress on the plumbing system, due to pressure pulsations from the typical on/off operation.

Product Package Includes:


-1 IRVWPC Module w/ Lead Wire Assemblies

-1 Pressure Transducer Assembly

-1 12" Long 1/2" Female-Female Hose Assembly

-1 1/2" male-male coupling

-2 Wire pigtails with WAGO connectors, spare fuse, 5/64" Allen key, 2mm screwdriverfor rotary selector and slide switches and mounting screws


*NOT FOR USE WITH VARIABLE SPEED PUMPS*   The IRVWPC is designed to work with pressure switch controlled pumps and will not operate with pumps that have a built in pressure / speed controller. If you are unsure of the type of water pump that you have please consult with use before ordering. 


Currently the typical RV water pump operates either fully ON or OFF, with a pressure switch to stop the pump at a pressure maximum and an internal by-pass to divert water back to the pump inlet to attempt to regulate the pressure vs water flow-rate. While these mechanical systems can work, they cannot cover all the bases and operate with reduced efficiency.


This results in possible noisy operation where the pump is forced to cycle ON and OFF, a complaint heard by many RV owners. This increased mechanical stress can cause premature failure in water system components.

The Intelligent RV Water Pump Control is an electronic module with a water pressure transducer and prevents RV water pumps from operating in by-pass and cycling modes of operation resulting in improved electrical efficiency with quiet operation along with a consistent regulated water pressure and steady water flows without the use of an additional accumulator tank. The IRVWPC eliminates the required mechanical adjustments found on these pumps.

The IRVWPC achieves this operation by using a specialized control algorithm which regulates the speed of the pump to only operate as required to match the water flow-rate resulting in quiet operation while conserving energy. Very low flow-rates can now be achieved without the typical pump cycling ON and OFF or the pump operating in by-pass mode.


The original pump controls still remain functional to operate the pump should the module fail. This module is ideally suited for RV Boondockers who are constantly trying to conserve battery power and water resources. The regulated pressure which results in steady water flows aids On-Demand hot water heaters in providing a constant regulated water temperature.
Fast and simple installation can be performed by the RV dealer or a Licenced RV Technician.


Unit comes with the pressure transducer adapter fitting and a 12” stainless braided hose section for easy connection to the water pump’s outlet port and 3 power wires for connection to the pump motor. A male and female power tap connector for the 12V positive connection and Quick-Connect blade style connectors to break the connection on the pump motor negative wire.


All water system components used carry NSF/61 approvals for potable water.


Typical installation can be performed in less than 15 minutes.

IRVWPC Installation package. *For use with pressure switch controlled pumps*

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