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Water Pump


RV water pumps are notoriously noisy. Finally, there's a solution! Our IRVWPC electronic pump controller is a compact, easy to install device that modulates the pump motor speed to smoothly, quietly and automatically deliver just the amount of water needed. The result is a quieter RV, a longer lasting pump and less water use. The module also provides pump safety features such as dry run protection, low flow protection, a running watchdog and long run timer. Thousands have already made the switch, will you?

We're so happy you're here.

See our product featured on TheFitRV, for a full explanation and review!

If you're excited to make the switch and say goodbye to that oh-so frusturating noise, click the buy now button below!

*Approximately $200 US including FedEx Ground shipping to the USA.*

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Exact cost may vary slightly due to fluctuating US/CDN exchange and your credit card fees.

NEW - IRVWPC2 Installation package (12VDC).
  • NEW - IRVWPC2 Installation package (12VDC).

    Excluding GST/HST

    The IRVWPC2 has the same electronics as our tried and tested IRVWPC, just a different physical package. For 12VDC systems only and NOT for use with Variable Speed pumps or pumps with BRUSHLESS motors.

    The module has a GREEN and RED LEDs to indicate the running and fault status of the pump. Slow blinking GREEN to indicate the pump OFF or IDLE, solid GREEN to indicate the pump RUNNING variable speed and a fast blinking to indicate running at MAXIMUM speed. In a FAULT or ALARM condition the RED LED will blink the appropriate code.

    We have changed to a 4-wire connection which is now color coded to match the pump motor wires and the RV power connection. This 4-wire connection now makes it easier to deal with the pump RED wire connection in hard-to-reach places. The wiring connections are now as simple as cutting the original connection to the pump, then connecting the RED and BLACK wires to the pump motor using the supplied WAGO connectors. The final connection is the YELLOW and WHITE wires to the original RV pump wires using WAGOs with the WHITE being the negative and the YELLOW the positive.  


    *NOT FOR USE WITH VARIABLE SPEED PUMPS or BRUSHLESS PUMP MOTORS*   The IRVWPC2 is designed to work with pressure switch controlled pumps with standard brush motors and will not operate with pumps that have a built in pressure / speed controller or additional electronics. If you are unsure of the type of water pump that you have please consult with us before ordering. 

    All water system components used carry NSF/61 approvals for potable water.

    Typical installation can be performed in less than 15 minutes.


    Product Package Includes:

    -1 RIGHT ANGLE ADAPTER assembly

    -1 IRVWPC2 Module 

    -1 Pressure Transducer Assembly

    -1 12" Long 1/2" Female-Female Hose Assembly

    -1 1/2" male-male coupling

    -Wiring Harness with 4 WAGO connectors, spare fuse, 5/64" Allen key, 2mm screwdriver for rotary selector and slide switches and mounting screws

    SKU: SCS0002
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