The Intelligent RV

Water Pump


RV water pumps are notoriously noisy and inefficient at anything less than full water flow. Their pulsations and stuttering waste water, produce annoying vibration and noise, and cause unnecessary wear on the pump. Finally, there's a solution! Our IRVWPC electronic pump controller is compact, easy to install device that modulates the pump speed to smoothly, quietly and automatically deliver just the amount of water needed. The result: a quieter RV, a longer lasting pump, and less water use that can extend your boondocking time.

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*Update 2021-01-29*

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Our technical support team is available to answer questions about the IRVWPC and help you through the installation process. Installation of the IRVWPC is easy and can be completed within 15 minutes, if you are curious to learn exactly how to install one, watch the full video here:



Just installed the Intelligent RV Water Pump Controller. Over the years, on many different RVs, I've used several different types of pumps, accumulators, silencing kits and spent hours trying to get the pressure and bypass settings just right. Things were no different with the stock pump on my 2020 Wayfarer 25RW. Now, I finally found the ANSWER! This great device eliminates surging and noise and creates a true home quality pressurized water system in your coach. You can precisely control the flow from a trickle to full with no pump surging or bypassing. The system precisely measures the pressure in the lines and then controls the pump motor directly to only run at the speed required to maintain the desired flow and pressure. It's almost magical. The best part is it is very, very easy to install. With setup and testing, it might be a 30 minute job. The provided installation kit is complete and the instructions are superb.

-Randy & Tina

Just a quick note to say my controller arrived today. It didn't take me long to follow your excellent instructions and get it running. Very impressive how it functions. I think it was great value for the money. I'm happy you thoughtfully supplied everything that was required. In particular the flexible 12" pipe. At first I thought I wouldn't need it but I did and was glad to have it. Thank you for a very innovative product that makes a worthwhile addition to the coach.


I really like mine. I now consider it a ‘must have’ addition. It especially helps when boondocking when I just want a slow steady flow rate. Also, the steady flow allows my demand water heater to operate smoothly to produce a steady water temperature. This is definitely a product for which I highly recommend!


I did before and after controlled testing for power usage.  My test case was filling a 1 gallon bucket three times during a 5 minute interval with the pump ON.  My flow rate using our main sink faucet with flow restrictor was 3/4 gallon per minute.  I did a 5 minute baseline power usage period without the pump on before/after each test case.  When I subtracted the baseline power usage I ended up with 79 watts power draw for the OEM pump configuration (when running), and 37 watts power draw with the controller configuration.  So to the level of accuracy of my 500A Victron shunt, it's probably safe to say that the controller cut the power usage in half while the pump was running at this flow rate.  I was very happy to see that result!  I couldn't tell any difference between the OEM pump ON but not running vs. the same condition with the controller (current levels too small for my shunt).  So I again was happy to see no penalty for powering the controller, which is consistent with the 19mA power usage number you gave me.



We are proud to be manufactured in Canada, and support Canadian and American Jobs. You can be confident that we use only the best materials and components when building an IRVWPC unit.