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The Intelligent RV
Water Pump
Controller - Testimonials

Thousands have already made the switch and installed IRVWPC's into their RV's. Here are some of our best product reviews and testimonials; if you're interested in learning what installing an IRVWPC can do for your RV'ing experience!

Customer Testimonials

As seen on: Tab Teardrop Camper Forums

Today I installed the IRVWPC variable speed water pump controller ( in an effort to quiet the water pump and reduce the annoying cycling of the pump.  (I will say I’ve installed and experienced an accumulator tank in a previous RV and was not satisfied). I will say the install was a resounding success!  It was a very straightforward process of tapping into the existing 12V wiring supplying the pump and installing the supplied pressure sensor on the outflow side of the pump.  Everything needed is included in the kit, and the job was completed in less than 30 minutes even accounting for time watching a few online videos.  


The controller also has several built-in safety features (that can be turned off) like a long run timer, a dry run timer, and a low cycling sensor (indicating a possible leak).  These settings will trip the pump off and potentially save you from a flooding event or a burnt out motor..

Overall, I’m very pleased with the IRVWPC controller.  I will have to make a programming change since the unit is preprogrammed for on-demand style water heaters, and our Alde is a tank style.  There is even a video for that reprogramming and looks very straightforward.  Highly recommend!

Below is the controller, and you can see the pressure sensor that you install on the outlet side. Everything needed is included in the kit.  You just need a wire stripper and a screw driver.

Copied From: IRV2 (RV Life Community Forum)

After two years of full-timing and using our on-demand water pump and water tank exclusively, I was consigned to the fact that the pump would always be very noisy. The noise generated varied from a machine gun staccato to a banging and, on rare occasions, a drum roll.

I read many blogs and implemented a handful of suggestions to quiet the pump with no success. I even replaced our Shurflo water pump with the same model and adjusted pressure settings. Then I added loops twice with two different types of hoses, replaced the pump with a Remco AquaJet, removed the upstream filter, and added a pressure regulator to the input of the Truma Aquago since the on-demand pump started a rattle in the water heater. Skipping the addition of an accumulator was a choice I made since I did not have space.

After all the attempts to correct the issue without success, I concluded that my RV plumbing's fluid dynamics must be such that the noise was something I would have to tolerate.

Recently, a friend said he had installed an Intelligent RV Water Pump Controller and that it helped with low water flows and quieted his pump a little, although it was not very noisy originally.

I bought the Intelligent RV Water Pump Controller and installed it and can not believe the difference it has made. I switched back to the Shurflo water pump and installed the controller and pressure sensor, and the noise reduction is remarkable. I can barely hear the pump on low water flows and a gentle hum at full pressure. It has been one of the top 3 upgrades I have made to our RV, and my wife says I have made a lot. Some RV owners do not experience water pump noise or only use the water system when connected to a campground spigot, but others continue to experience the issue from the blogs I have read. The installation was not complicated, and I am not associated with the company, but only a delighted customer.

Copied From: Winnie Owners (Winnebego Forum)


After seeing numerous recommendations for this controller, I installed the IRVWPC (Intelligent RV Water Pump Controller) today. This thing is fantastic.

It regulates the voltage to the pump which prevents hammering and offers supreme improvements in noise on lower flow.

I did a couple before/after decibel tests as well, it offered a drop of approximately 10dB (and no hammering if you use the toilet at night!)

I highly recommend if you're dry camping a lot:

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